Root Canal Therapy in the City of London

Our modern City of London Smile Hub clinics are able to provide most root canal (Endodontic) treatments on site and are very competitively priced. Our root canal team includes highly skilled dentist Kushal Mehta ( GDC No: 15444) who has over 11 years extensive dentistry experience, with a particular interest in endodontic treatments.

We are able to provide most root canal (endodontic) therapy at our practices. In complex cases we sometimes refer clients to a specialist endodontist for a second opinion and treatment.

Root canal therapy

A tooth that has infection within the pulp/nerve will always require intervention. Without treatment, infection will spread, causing bone degeneration and tooth loosening. The only alternative to root canal therapy is extraction.

Your root canal therapy procedure

Your dentist will undertake tests to confirm if root canal treatment is necessary and then explain the procedure. You may need up to three appointments for this treatment to be completed. Once a local anaesthetic has been administered, a rubber dam is placed to ensure that no dental fluids or bacteria from saliva can enter the area being treated.

The damaged pulp chamber is accessed and cleaned of diseased tissue before it is filled. The final step of your procedure will seal the root canal with a protective rubber root filling. If multiple appointments are required, a temporary filling will be used to seal the area between appointments.

When the root canal treatment is completed your dentist will review if the tooth can be restored with a tooth coloured filling or a porcelain crown.

To find out more about root canal therapy please contact your local Smile Hub clinic:

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